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Ecosa’s Free Tuition Challenges Mainstream Education

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For More Information Contact:  Tony Brown, Founder and Director, (928) 541-1002 PRESCOTT, AZ – Imagine attending an institution of higher education without worry of cash up front or spending much of your work life repaying school loans.  If the...

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Ecosa Institute’s Living Building Gets Green Light

January 4, 2017 -- The Yavapai County Board of Supervisors today unanimously approved development for a new Ecosa Institute building in the Granite Dells near Prescott, Arizona. This comes a month after the county's Planning and Zoning commissioners recommended a...

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Ecosa Institute Alumni Shine

Ecosa Institute alumni are having an impact on our world and we applaud their ongoing accomplishments. We want to tell others how a semester at Ecosa Institute “changed my world outlook,” in the words of alum Sarah Derheim. Watch our blog space for more news about the...

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Can a Building be an Ecosystem?

Can a Building be an Ecosystem? The concept of "Biotecture" is introduced here by Tony Brown, Ecosa Institute Founder and Program Director. The article was first published on the Triple Pundit website, a product of Ecosa Alum Nicholas Aster, and was re-posted in the...

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Design with Nature to Make a Difference in Our World

by Tony Brown and Laura Kasper Our Design with Nature approach builds upon the theories of “green architecture,” “sustainable design” and “urban ecology." Design with Nature incorporates ways to integrate and honor natural environments while still providing for human...

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Is Design Education “Tragic”?

I came across this reprint in Dezeen magazine of a conversation with Jonathon Ive at the London Design Museum with its director Deyan Sudjic. I found it really interesting that Ive, one of the leading designer of computer products bemoans the fact that design students...

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