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Is design education “tragic”?

I came across this reprint in Dezeen magazine of a conversation with Jonathon Ive at the London Design Museum with its director Deyan Sudjic. I found it really interesting that Ive, one of the leading designer of computer products bemoans the fact that design students... read more

Vegetarianism to Combat Climate Change?

I recently made the decision to be mostly vegetarian. It was combination of a lot of things,  but the driving force behind it all was a desire to lessen my carbon footprint. It seemed like one of the easiest adjustments I could make towards a more sustainable... read more

My Personal Transformation

Prior to my semester at Ecosa, I had attended a college prep high school that had me excited about joining the rat race. I got good grades, pleased those around me and ended up at the University of Michigan. Without any idea of what I wanted to study, I took a... read more

What Makes Ecosa Different?

I was recently engaged in a conversation about what makes Ecosa Institute ‘different’ with the very people who make it so. “Everyone says they’re different,” Ecosa founder Tony Brown challenged. So what makes Ecosa different from the rest? To... read more

Ecosa visit to Flagstaff Container House

Recently, The Spring 2014 Ecosa class visited with graphic designer Marie Jones at her infamous home in Flagstaff. The container home is an icon of downtown Flag, an homage to the historic and still vibrant railway culture of the region. Architects Tony Brown and Tom... read more

The Return of the Salon

Imagine spending the evening sipping wine and sampling hors d’oeuvres, surrounded by the banter of fascinating people. The architecture of the home is commendable, the vibe is tasteful and elegant, and the conversation leaves guests thirsty for more. Now,... read more

Going Deep with Ecosa

Last Spring, I took a leap of faith, quit my job, and enrolled at Ecosa. As is the story for many students joining Ecosa, I was looking to deepen my knowledge about progressive design and to learn the language and skills needed to enter into the design field. My... read more

What Ecosa Institute Means To Me

What Ecosa Institute Means to Me by Levi Mason My introduction to Ecosa Institute was during the fall of 2005, when Ecosa Institute hosted Australian-based architect Glenn Murcutt. My sister, a local home designer in Prescott, Arizona, invited me to come with her to a... read more
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